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Looking for: A mobility minded Java/PHP Web Developer


Who are we?
Arché IT is young, professional, innovative and creative company, providing services and products for mobility helps companies develop a clear mobile vision and strategy and execute on it.
Besides the products Arché IT also provides software development or mobility to its customers.

Who are you?
Arché IT is looking for experiences Java and/or PHP Web Developers, who have a strong affinity with mobility and want to help us out building the backbones for our mobile solutions and applications for smart-phones and tablets.
We expect a relevant HBO+/Bachelor+ level and have relevant experience with HTML5, CSS3.
You’re willing to broaden yourself and extend your experience and technically to other areas than your primary field of expertise.
Excellent English skills are a pre, being fluent in Dutch helps too, but less important.

What’s the offer?
We offer you the possibility to work in an innovative, creative, small but fast growing company to get challenged to develop yourself to your full potential, following you own passions and be rewarded a more then fair reimbursement for your participation, enthusiasm and humor.
We are very flexible when and were you work, but expect to uphold the deadlines and deliver on them

We’re definitely interested in you. All you have to do is to contact us.

Arche IT bv.
tel. +31 357 110 812

Mobility is simple, it works, everywhere. There is no excuse not to use it !